Laurie Dee - Founder and CEO of Rainworks

In 1994 Rainworks founder, Laurie Dee, invented the world`s first bristle filter gutter guard system (the Hedgehog) In addition to awards it received in New Zealand, the Australian Hardware Journal named it “Best New Hardware Product of 2001” while the North American Retail Hardware Association gave the system their prestigious“Retailers` Choice Award” in 2001, 2004 & 2005.

With three gutter profiles (see profiles) and two bristle thicknesses to choose from the Hedgehog bristle filter system can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to fit a mesh type guard (see gutter filter installation).
Maintenance is equally simple (see gutter filter maintenance). The Hedgehog system doesn`t attach or cover sections of the roof which means the water-tightness of your home is never compromised nor the warranty on your roofing or spouting.

Mesh gets only one chance to screen rooftop rainwater, bristle filters on the other hand continuously screens rainwater as it passes through a never ending forest of bristles on its way to the downpipe. To achieve a standard of performance anywhere near as effective with mesh requires very small holes which means compromising its capacity to cope with heavy rain.
As mentioned before there are cheaper bristle look-alikes on the market but check out the video on this page and you will quickly see why it would pay you to spend those few extra dollars to get the genuine custom made quality product that has gained such a well earned reputation around the world.

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Hedgehog Gutter Protection New Zealand NZ
Rainwater Harvesting New Zealand NZ
hedgehog gutter protection new zealand nz
rainwater harvesting new zealand nz

With custom made gutter cleaning tools and their ingenious three dimensional gutter guard filters, Rainworks Limited in New Zealand (NZ)
have made "Hedgehog" a leading brand in gutter protection systems. Hedgehog's exclusive range of New Zealand (NZ) made rainwater
harvesting components including downpipe divertors, first flush, pre tank filters and plastic water tanks, make collecting clean healthy
water easy.